About the company

Manufacture OGarden Inc.

Work for a better, healthier, ecological and responsible world. Our mission, through the OGarden, is to create a real positive ecological impact on Earth, while bringing more autonomy to individuals.


The OGarden project was born in 2016. Pierre Nibart and Pierre-Etienne Bourget, the two founders, propose the OGarden on a crowdfunding platform, to see if this project really meets a current demand. The project proposal is a great success, several hundred people participate and the OGarden receives more than $ 110,000 in 30 days. This allows the launch of this Quebec start-up. Today, nearly a dozen people work in the company, to offer you an OGarden experience out of the ordinary.

“Cultivating your own vegetables brings us back to basics. This brings a real peace of mind, much needed in this fast-paced world. ”

Pierre Nibart Président


Positive organizer


For me, the OGarden project is more than just selling a machine. It is about offering an innovative product, which alone conveys our future: A healthier, ecological and conscious way of Being, in relation with our environment and ourselves.

This business is one more stone on the path to a more conscious and responsible world.

Change Maker

Marketing Manager 

I work for OGarden because I feel like being part of this Quebec innovation that will revolutionize the way we consume our food. The promotion of responsible consumption, the production of healthy, local and ecological food, are all points that made me choose OGarden. In short, being part of Ogarden, a young, innovative, dynamic company that aims to revolutionize the way we eat, one house at a time, motivates me to the highest degree. Long live OGarden!

Harmony designer

Artistic Director 

OGarden is for me the opportunity to get involved for a bigger, innovative cause from here! It is also the opportunity to make a difference in each family by proposing a sustainable and eco-responsible solution for the production of fresh vegetables at home.

Inveterate Inventor 

Factory Management / R & D 

OGarden is for me the future in the houses. As was the revolution of the refrigerator and the dishwasher, Home Garden is the revolution of today. It’s going back to the very source of our healthy diet and bringing it to our home all year round. My goal is to always use my knowledge and integrate them at OGarden so that everyone can cultivate and transmit to future generations the pleasure and beauty of living culture at home.