Meet OGarden Smart

The indoor gardening system that allows you
to effortlessly grow the fresh produce you love
from the comfort of your home

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What is OGarden Smart?

The indoor gardening system that allows you to grow effortlessly grow the fresh produce you love from the confort of you home.

The OGarden Smart can grow up to 90 fruits and veggies at once, so you can enjoy an abundance of super fresh food. Automatic watering makes using OGarden Smart virtually effortless, and the automatic low energy consumption LEDs simulate the perfect amount of sunlight, offering optimal year round growth.

Enjoy home grown produce whenever you need it. Be ready for simple, beautiful, and sustainable indoor gardening at its finest.

Grow in 3 steps

The beauty of OGarden (aside from the way it looks) is how it’s incredibly simple to use. Whether you’re an expert gardener or new to your green thumb, OGarden is the perfect system to grow beautiful produce.

Gardening has never been easier.

What can Ogarden Smart Grow?

Know your food

By producing your vegetables, fruits, and herbs directly at home, you know the quality of the air, the water and environment they grow in. Have peace of mind knowing that all of your fresh produce is grown in a 100% organic environment.

Our seed pods are made with organic soil and feeds your plants with organic  fertilizer, so you only get the best for your plants and for your body. 

have a beautiful garden year-round. Guaranteed

Available in two colors

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OGarden Smart: Grow An Indoor Garden of 90 Fruits & Veggies

We created the OGarden Smart to work towards a better, healthier, ecological and responsible world. Our mission, through the OGarden, is to create a real positive ecological impact on Earth, while bringing more autonomy to individuals.

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Elvis Morin

This machine is really the coolest in the world. I really love it!
The service is super good! The refill capsules are really economical.

Marie-Michelle Guay-Breton

So happy to have stopped buying my herbs at the grocery store, too expensive and overpackaged. In addition, they are fresh and tasty, as in the garden! Same thing for cherry tomatoes and ground cherries ... long live OGarden !!


It's super easy to use. I love to sow my cups and see "my babies" grow. And the harvest, what a sweet satisfaction. Thanks to the OGarden team!

Bryan Vezina

I harvested cherry tomatoes and I have about 20 peppers in production! In the morning with the children have made omellette with fresh herbs from Ogarden! Really a beautiful experience. It's good to have green in the house and especially when it is -1000 outside: p and it's really refreshing!

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