To backers from kickstarter and Indigogo

Hello Everyone !

The OGarden team wish you a wonderful year !

Last years was a super rush year for us, a lot of challenge about production and shipping of the OGarden Smart. But we are almost done. On 1400+ deliveries to do, only around 150 left!

So to All Backers that have not receive their OGarden Smart yet in some countries. You still are in the listing, but because of all orders that have been made since the campaign and the delay of production of them, Kickstarter and Indigogo orders delivery are delayed and going out one by one as they arrive. So you will receive it as soon we can ship it to you. For the 150 backers left to deliver, we really apologize for the long delay but don't worry you will get your OGarden for sure.

Thank you for your patience and we really wish you the best!

OGarden team