I love my OGarden. Before I had neither the time nor the patience nor the green thumb and yet … Taking care of my plants has become a moment of relaxation and deep happiness for me. The OGarden wheel full of edible plant varieties adds a lot of character and beauty to my home. I like this. It’s refreshing. I find the furniture culture very practical. Easy to maintain, it is always clean, and that I appreciate. And I share you the best for “hunger”: the greedy pleasure of preparing my meals accompanied by fresh herbs and vegetables. Full of colors and flavors, yes, I love it!

PS: I can not wait for the cherry tomatoes to point their first flowers. Especially since basil is well developed. The green beans are soon ripe, the harvest is expected this weekend with my grandchildren. Picking and watering this strange garden of plenty is their great pleasure. The OGarden is really fun!

Dominique B., Ville de Lévis

My name is Leyla and I have been using an OGarden for a few months. I immediately loved the concept since I love eating healthy and organic. I find my Ogarden easy to use and very aesthetic. The most wonderful thing is to see my children marvel at the magic of nature. Me, what I love is to have my fresh herbs for my evening tea!

Leyla S., Saint-Malachie